La voz del mar y sus especies con la moda de #SeaFou

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The voice of the sea and its species with the fashion of #SeaFou
Have you ever wondered why the shapes and colors of the sea? Have you ever felt that the earth is warning us that something bad is happening and that we humans are the main responsible? Yes? Well, we have also felt it and that is why this year we started it with a collection that thinks about the environment, but we do not want to remain in that message conveyed by the NGO, the animal fashion or the different characters that gain recognition through his "postures", we put them in quotes because we doubt this.
With this collection we want to transmit the message that the sea and its surroundings give us, through what we like the most, fashion and your lifestyle, a style outside of LO COmún. This is how each of the garment elements of the SeaFou collection takes the voice for each one of the actors that make up the Ocean.
This is our message and we want you to replicate it through this collection, the new you will find in #FouLaureles and #FouProvenza or here on our website (link): shorts, shorts, shirts, shirts, busos, jackets and more, with the one that you will share our message, or rather, you will do yours, because we know that you also think in this way.
These are some of the items that you can find in our stores today: T-shirt
Water Revolution:

t-shirt Water Revolution, is a garment that wants to illustrate the Water Revolution, where the Fish, as the best known species of the marine world, unleashes its fury and strength to face everything that affects its habitat. With this shirt we want, once again, to tell the world that nature is manifesting through different events, which we have witnessed in recent times and we humans must join this revolution to compensate or fix the damage we have already caused … It's time! If you want to join, acquire this garment here

Sea Histories Shirt:

As our ancestors left reflected in the caverns through the pictograms, we wanted to illustrate the context of the sea, each figure is part of a composition that you can share by using this shirt. You dare? Acquire this garment here

Wave T-shirt:

When you observe the waves of the sea, you can stay for hours and hours looking at it, you have related this to a process, recycling ... What if instead of the arrows we change them by the waves of the sea? Learn more about the message here
Reef shirt:

Did you know that, thanks to pollution, coral reefs are one of the species, most threatened by pollution. We can deprive ourselves of its color and that is why our inspiration in this garment, is it worth transmitting the message? Start now, buy this garment here
Short Miramar:

Yes! There are places where plants and flowers grow on the seashore, have you noticed? They are usually full of beer cans and garbage. We wanted to represent them with Flor Miramar, an inspiration. Learn more about this garment now
Coral Shirt

coral shirt, wants to illustrate the beauty of coral. Have you stopped to observe them? You do not need to dive or pay for an expensive tour to do it. Share the message! Get this shirt here.

Mutation Facts:

With the Mutation Facts, we wanted to make a kind of satire-denunciation where, like a nutritional table, we show all the elements that affect nature, more specifically to marine species. Here we leave you an appetizer, but soon you will find the garment ready for you to transmit to the world that is what is needed to finish this one ... Take the voice! Wait soon this garment ...
This is our invitation and we hope you accept it, what do you say? Do you join?

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