Irreverent music created by a #SerFou: Juancho Valencia

20170927_163710-300x300.jpgAt FOU, more than being an independent design brand, we want to make friends and that is what we look for when one of you visits our stores or contacts us in our networks. And among them, we highlight our best partners, the partners. This is how we want to present one of our best friends, Juancho Valencia, a popular musician (in the good sense of the word) and an academic, a master of composition, who, as he describes himself, is synonymous with musical irreverence, how Do not be friends with this character if he can give us so much from his intellect, talent and above all good vibes?

On this occasion we want to share who he is and tell them why he is a # SERFOU ...

Juancho, is from Medellín, raised in the La Floresta neighborhood and does not remember how long he started his profession, being a musician, a relationship that he calls the connection with the spirit, the mix between a white father and a black mother, between public and private education, between the dancers and the touches of a symphony orchestra. And, above all, a music producer who cares about social mobilization and spreading our culture through the various social symbols.

But many will ask themselves, "Who is he?", "I still do not give" ... To remind you, start thinking about Puerto Candelaria, a project that many of us are proud of when listening to a different musical proposal that connects generations and tastes, such as Juancho expresses it: "We have a revolutionary discourse, which is not an attack, we are rebellious, like a child who scratches the walls of his house, we do not generate conflict, we are related to the game, incoherence, the absurd, the childish, a way of expression and shout that connects with adults, young people and children. We are not just the party, we also think ... We try to break with these paradigms "

Testimonies like this make us share an extract with what we consider one of the best interviews that our team has done. This is what Juancho told us:

FOU: What makes Puerto out of the ordinary?

JUANCHO: He does it out of the ordinary that we do not get carried away by the trend or the mainstream, which are so strong and it's a tough battle to be faced, precisely because the trends that come to a highly influential youth are very powerful. In Puerto we do not want to be pigeonholed, the group connects more easily with the university students, where the human being is more open to know different things. We are Lucho Bermúdez, Pérez Prado, the SKA classics, Jazz, electronic music. We like children because of our irrationality. We are 17 years old, like La Mojarra or now Mambanegra, Velandia, Choquibtown, Aterciopelados, we are still alive and we have had to live the change, musical and generational, thanks to doing different things to point to something "pop" and at the same time something irrational, jazzistico and dissonant, combinations with which we laugh at what we do. Of course, that requires knowledge to understand all musical structures.

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FOU: And the question we all have: What makes them mount these strange choreographies?

JUANCHO: Jajajajjajajjajja- smiles- That's something that is already invented, since the 80s with the appearance of the "boybands", The Jackson's Five, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, we play a lot with that thin line between music , art and entertainment. We are the antihero and not all Latinos dance well, we ridicule, ridicule is an aesthetic element very present among us, something that does not happen with today's artist for his own ego. We get to the point of rehearsing to see ourselves ridiculous, we look like a gueva but well worked. We are very motivated by the reaction of people, who ask themselves: Why do these people play this "chucu chucu" so stupid? That's when we're working. Thanks to this we have 12 years of internationalization and non-verbal communication through body language, it becomes attractive for societies, which, before seeing us on stage, did not even know where Colombia was.

FOU: And speaking more of your essence ... What makes Juancho out of the ordinary?

JUANCHO: I am a man, raised in a neighborhood, common, a "corner pelao", but I was fortunate to have a strong encounter with music, art and Dadaism, something that is also very Fou. The magical Realism of García Márquez, also has a high influence on me. I have had the fortune of having nominations for producing Salsa, Classical Music, Children's Music, even Urbano -jajajajjaa- smiles, Juancho.

FOU: The million dollar question ... What is your favorite artist?

JUANCHO: Jummmm, I have many, I have Edson Velandia, I would put him next to a few that are already dead like Bach -jajajjajajja- smile. Michael Jackson Also Cubans like the Van Van. Piazzola Soda Stereo. Igor Stravinski.
I really like García Márquez's Magic Realism, Lucho Bermúdez, which connects with the proposal of Calle 13 ... It may sound very schizophrenic what I think, but when I'm in the studio I feel like I'm talking to them.


FOU: Well, leaving aside the subject of your profession, what do you do when you rest?

Well, there are a few days, but I like to ride a bike, I paint, I walk like a sponge trying to absorb what the environment gives me. I also try to travel through Colombia and find out how the Rivers create a society. For me, the weekend is from Monday to Wednesday, another argument to be someone out of the ordinary. I also look for nature to breathe!


FOU: What is a #serfou for you?

JUANCHO: Look, I, for example, am a #serfou, because I am a mixture between good vibes and character, with a criterion. I felt Fou, I immediately observed the first garment I met in the store. I love things that speak for themselves without being so literal and being cool. The #SerFou, is a good person, who is aware that he is part of the transformation, of the history of art, he understands the beautiful, the commercial, the coarse and at the same time the depth of art and he is not afraid to play with it . #SerFou knows that the world is not easy but you have to be good to change it. Fou, with each cut and color, this proves it. He is conscious that he is conscious!
Once, when I was in Bogotá at a formal event, I noticed that people were looking at me and someone said "uh, the joy of this party arrived", that day I had a very sober shirt from Fou and I answered, "fag, but we come to a music event, it's really not that obvious- hahahahahaha- "The vibes that I transmitted with my wardrobe made me feel full of madness, of doing good, of loving.
For the general culture:
Juancho, as the musical head of Merlín Producciones, has been in charge of producing productions for Maité Hontelé, Vicente García, Babalú, Trópico Big Band, Chocquibtown and Monsieur Periné, among others ...

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