Beyond the clouds

History of a gravitational pleasure

All at some time in our lives, we have let ourselves be unveiled by many of the elements that Heaven teaches us, day by day. Some study it, others enjoy it in those romantic situations and others simply enjoy it whenever we want to observe it. In this case, we will talk about those situations that we have experienced when encountering elements, when, when we come face to face with that stretch full of grays, blues and whites, we begin to imagine or to squander hypotheses. Could it be that it is pure imagination? Nothing like sitting, lying, lying down or rather patching and see that dose of universal visual ecstasy, a precise description for us, those who do not know much about stars but we find shapes to the clouds, that even constellations we create and that some We have seen more and more. Those UFO (Undentified Flyer Objetct) that scare us, cheer and question. - It will be that only here is that we live? - And, without wearing too much we continue to dazzle with that magic that gives us the great universe. Has it happened to you or not? This is how in Fou we want to offer a space to those UFOs, that you meet them, that you imagine them, dream, think and we with a figure, we want to remind you that this attitude of enjoying this universe, is to have it always, because that It is your essence and spaces as these are what we need to disconnect from so many stories that we receive daily. Let your UFO gravitate, we put ours, that of FOU!

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