Terms and conditions of sale

Read these delivery terms carefully before ordering products from the FOU online store outside of LO COmún

About us?

We are an independent design company, born in the city of Medellin, Colombia, with 10 years of incursion into the national market, our main characteristic is a graphic style within our garments highlighting different characteristics such as music, divinity, art, nature.

We design garments for men and women with an independent, uncomplicated, active, curious and open-minded lifestyle.

Our main objective is to transmit and communicate through our clothes, that legacy, that history, those experiences with the smell of art, transmitted through the music that marked our history so much.

Follow that soft, detailed groove, full of life, culture and color.

FOU out of LO COmún!

Property rights

The information, documents (images, videos, graphics and others), brands, names, logos and other material found on this website is protected in accordance with Colombian and international legislation on copyright, intellectual property and industrial; therefore, its use is exclusively limited to personal purposes of review, purchase and consultation. In such a way that, the unauthorized use that infringes the Colombian laws, through its sale, distribution, copy, modification or adaptation or any other prohibited conduct, will be sanctioned according to what is established by the applicable norms.

Thus, things can not be understood by the fact of the publication of the contents found at https://fou.com.co/ and at www.fou.com.co, that some type of user license is granted. brand, copyright or intellectual property to whom you visit, consult or make purchases through this website.

FOU out of LO COmún S.A.S

Its contracting party is fou out of the ordinary SAS, (hereinafter "FOU out of LO COmún") society legally constituted under the laws of the Republic of Colombia, identified with NIT. # 900664028-1 and with Mercantile Registration No. 21-498342-12 of the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín, domiciled in the city of Medellín.


The products that Fou Out of LO COmún customers can acquire are listed and described on the website: https://fou.com.co/ (hereinafter the VIRTUAL STORE).

The site requires to have a record of the main data of the client that allows us a personalized treatment with it. For this purpose there is a section called INCOME, in which you can access a registration form for new clients.

To register it is necessary to place all the requested information.

If you have already registered and wish to buy again, you only need to indicate your username and password, previously registered.

The VIRTUAL STORE is not in charge of making credit card discounts, nor of saving the data related to that purpose, such as card or account numbers, passwords, etc. Fou Out of LO COmún for this has the service of www.PayUlatam.com responsible company through which all payments derived from your purchases are made. www.PayUlatam.com complies with all security standards guaranteeing the security of your transactions.

THE VIRTUAL STORE has been developed to ensure that your personal information remains confidential.


The Site requires all of its customers to identify themselves with their username and password before they can access their information. If you forget your username and password, you can use the reminder facility we provide.

The Site reserves the right to modify, increase, update, change or correct any omission or information on the conditions of access and use of the service, without prior notice.

The Site reserves the right to interrupt the service of the virtual store service store, either temporarily or permanently, without prior notice.

The hours of attention for the entry of an order to our virtual store is twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days a week.

On the Site the offer prices will be respected for the items offered in the virtual store and the order will be invoiced with the prices in force on the day the product is registered.

When your purchase is made, your data will be automatically sent to our secure commerce server, encrypting all your personal information before being transmitted over the Internet.



These Terms of Delivery apply to all offers and contracts related to the sale and supply of products by FOU outside LO COmún S.A.S. When you order any product on our FOU website outside of LO COmún (https://fou.com.co/) or on any web page directly connected to our website (Website), or accept an offer of FOU outside of LO Coún, your acceptance of the Delivery Conditions during the order process constitutes your acceptance of the applicability of these Delivery Conditions.


FOU outside of LO COmún will deliver at the address provided by you within the Colombian territory using national transport companies and your international orders will be delivered by international transport companies that will be in charge of the export and import process adapting to the import regulations and export of the country to which the product is shipped; FOU out of LO COmún is not responsible for the total or partial ignorance of the buyer of the import and export laws of the country in which it is located. FOU outside LO COmún can only deliver to a delivery address that is an address of the address or office. Deliveries will be made on business days, except holidays. All deliveries will be accompanied by an acknowledgment of receipt.

If you request that FOU out of LO COmún deliver the order in several shipments, FOU outside LO COmún may charge you extra delivery costs. Each of the individual shipments will constitute an independent contract. If FOU out of LO COún is delayed in delivering a shipment or one of the shipments is not correct, this will not entitle you to cancel any other shipment.

The delivery periods are indicative and, therefore, are not considered strict deadlines. The mere fact of having exceeded a delivery period will not give you any right to compensation. To do this, a notification of non-compliance must be sent to FOU outside LO COmún.


Shipping costs may vary depending on the place where the order is placed.

National: only includes the shipping cost

International: when the shipping cost is international, it has three characteristics: Freight value, value of the fuel and the value of the insurance of the merchandise, which may vary according to the country to which the merchandise is sent.


If FOU out of LO COún finds out before concluding the contract that it can not supply the ordered products, it can offer an equivalent product in terms of quality, price and function. You will not be required to accept the replacement product.

If FOU out of LO COún discovers after concluding the contract that it can not supply the ordered products and is not responsible for this situation, it will be entitled to terminate the contract. Of course, FOU outside LO COmún will inform you immediately about this and will refund the payments you have made.

If your order could not be delivered because of the laws and regulations of import and export of the country to which the product is shipped, as stated in the previous item FOU outside of LO COmún is not responsible for the delivery or for the return of money. (We suggest knowing the laws and regulations of import and export before buying)


FOU outside of LO COmún counts as a company for virtual payments to PayU Latam, "We are a leading online payment service provider dedicated to creating a fast, simple and efficient payment process for merchants and buyers. We have always focused on and continue to focus on matching the needs of merchants with the way consumers buy and pay. If someone wants to make a payment online on a computer, tablet, mobile device, e-wallet or even offline, our more than 250 payment methods are designed to be fast, simple and secure. "

"Being present in 16 high growth markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa has allowed us to be experts in local markets. These 16 countries represent a base of more than 2.2 million potential consumers. We are proud to have more than 1,400 payment specialists constantly dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our stores (more than one hundred thousand) and millions of buyers. "

PayU Latam has different means of payment such as: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Efecty, Via Baloto, Bancolombia, Banco de Bogotá.

Computer Billing

When making purchases the website https://fou.com.co/ implicitly, the CUSTOMER, freely and voluntarily ACCEPTS, receive and pay on the respective due dates, the computer invoices originated by the purchase of articles to FOU outside LO COmún, and I authorize FOU outside of LO COmún, so that from the date, publish the invoice for the sale of items purchased by the company that is mentioned as an acquirer in this document.

The client accepts the sending of invoice by electronic means and this exempts FOU outside of LO COmún SAS to make a shipment in a physical way.

The invoice sent by electronic means will be available for your service as of the date.

The client accepts that it will only be invoiced electronically, except in cases of contingency plan for technical damages in the systems where a manual invoice will be delivered.

Each invoice issued by FOU outside of LO COmún SAS, complies with the requirements established by the DIAN, for which, in the event of any claim, it applies the same solution procedure to Petitions, Complaints and Claims, directly contacting its assigned commercial executive.

The client acknowledges and accepts that it is their responsibility to have the active service of the e-mail reported for this purpose.

The acceptance of the invoice, will be understood with the notification of received or read of the email of the invoice for all legal purposes


Right of return: In accordance with the stipulations of these Delivery Conditions, you may return the products received once you have contacted our customer service department and such request is authorized. For a return to be valid, it must be made within 15 days of receipt of the product. Likewise, the products must be sent, unused and complete, including their original packaging, whenever reasonably possible. Once your return is authorized, we will contact you to coordinate the collection of it. The expedition within the term of the products or the request of withdrawal of the products will be sufficient to meet the deadline for return. The return of products will be at the risk of the buyer, who must take care of all shipping costs both national and international to make the change, therefore we suggest making sure of the ordered products, their sizes, color, before definitely buy within our virtual store. It is important that when you make the return consider all the products of the same order you want to return. In case you request a second return of the same FOU order outside LO COmún reserves the right to accept or reject the second request. To request your return, please contact us:

Customer service

comercial@fou.com.co / 57 318 708 90 07

In the event of a valid return in accordance with these Delivery Conditions, FOU outside LO COmún will refund the purchase price you have paid for the returned product, within ten days of receipt of the product or cancellation of the contract. However, take into account that the process can take up to 59 days since in case of payment by credit card the financial institution may take more time to apply the refund to your account. If a product is returned and FOU outside of LO COmún believes that it has been damaged by an act or omission attributable to you, or that you must run for any other reason at your own expense and risk, FOU outside of LO COún may deduct from the amount must be returned to you the decrease in value of the product as a result of these damages.


You can send your written complaints about the conclusion of the contract or its fulfillment, to the following address:

FOU out of LO COmún SAS

Juan Isaza


Race 68 circular 3 - 119 Interior 201

If you wish to express a verbal complaint about the conclusion of the contract or its fulfillment, you can write an email to the following address



The products supplied will remain the property of FOU outside LO COmún until you have paid in full all amounts due under any contract you have with us, including payment of costs, prior or subsequent deliveries or partial deliveries. You may not sell, dispose of, or tax the products before acquiring ownership of them.


The Colombian law will be applied to the contract.


FOU outside of LO COmún wishes to draw your attention to the washing and maintenance instructions printed on the product labels. FOU outside LO COmún will not be liable for any damage resulting from the incorrect use or handling of the products, including use contrary to the instructions.