Tripping Shirt for Men

COP $140,000

Inspired by irregular shapes, made up of silhouettes or "arabesques" out of the sea, from the beach. A journey of colors reflected in the fabric and the pattern. Blue, marine, mauve, lilac tones that create a whole tripping composition. Designed and handmade in Medellín, Colombia.

T- Shirt So High for Men

COP $85,000

 Just like the guavas and accompanied by a high relief, the So High T-shirt takes its acid flavor to the clouds.

T-shirt Mar y Vida for men

COP $85,000

The sea has a magnetic attraction, full of mysteries like those little tribesmen that move the waves on the ride of life.

T-Shirt Simple Life for Men

COP $85,000

We define the most elementary through tranquility, simplicity and the sea breeze. handmade in Medellín, Colombia.

Azucena Shirt For Men

COP $130,000

Inspired by lilies, native to the Mediterranean area with mild and warm climate moment to be reborn and start over. Designed for use in an urban environment, and to blend with any type of pants.

Shirt Ayahuasca for Men

COP $155,000

Inspired by the ancestral connection between the ayahuasca trip and the forests of our mountains. Designed and handmade in Medellín, Colombia.

Shirt Tie Dye for Men

COP $130,000

A cool garment that inspires tranquility, perfect for walking in the trees. Handmade in Medellín, Colombia.

T-shirt Shangri-La for Men

COP $85,000

 A cool, loose and designer t-shirt. Appropriate for you to play with and combine it with dark pants or shorts according to the season.

T-Shirt Ojo de Dios for Men

COP $85,000

Men´s cotton t-shirt. find comfort and style with this garment, designed with an inspiration focused on the reality that we all have in our eyes, nature, seas, flora fauna and all those  roots taht indetify us as thinjing beings , the eye of God, the eye that sees everything