Vestido Cruzado AfroBeat para mujer

COP $200,000

El vestido AfroBeat viene con única, libre y colorida tendencia a romper con todos los esquemas actuales. Atrévete a explorar su comodidad, formas y detalles. Diseñado y hecho a mano en Medellín, Colombia.

Jungla Dress for woman

COP $160,000

Now you can enter to the city with the new Jungla dress, a unique mix of two parallel worlds. Designed and handmade in Medellín, Colombia.

Universo Primitivo T-shirt for Men

COP $85,000

Our  ancestral instincts come together again so as not to lose the details in a cosmic song for the Moon. Garment handmade in Medellín, Colombia.

Noche de Luna T-shirt for man

COP $130,000

we enter the dark and deep of the night,the one that combines woith all the stars and all the colors, garment handmade in Medellín,Colombia.